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This is the homepage for the Lennert's phpBB Modifications project at SourceForge.

Enhancing and Extending phpBB!

Welcome to Lennert's phpBB Modifications, an Open Source project dedicated to enhancing and extending the phpBB forum software. This project aims to serve several audiences in the phpBB community: administrators, developers, and end users. For phpBB administrators and developers, we offer configurable and easy to install mods that extend phpBB's capabilities, functionality, and appearance. For end users, we hope to enhance the already exceptional user experience created by phpBB.

Be sure to visit the News page for updates concerning mod progress and new features being added to existing mods.

The Mods

Looking for information about the project's mods? Visit the BB Usage Statistics Overview for a feature summary and manuals detailing the capabilities this modification can offer the phpBB administrator and, in particular, forum moderators on your bulletin board.

Updated: Wed, 12 Mar 2003
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