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The purpose of this project is to develop, demonstrate, and support Chris Lennert's (calennert) modifications to the phpBB forum software. The mods will be written in the platform-independent PHP language and are intended to provide phpBB with additional functionality and enhancements not currently available in the base phpBB package. For example, the project's initial mod will be the Board Usage Statistics mod, which displays information useful to bulletin board administrators and moderators concerning the user's per forum & per section post counts, post rates, topic starts, topic rates and watched topics. All mods released by the project will aim to provide significant enhancement of phpBB, ease of installation, and supporting documentation.

The Production of These Pages

These pages are generated in a J2SDK v. 1.4.1 environment from Website XML markup, a customization of DocBook XML created by Norman Walsh. Additional tools used include:

Updated: Tue, 18 Feb 2003
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