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The Who, What, Where, Why and How

The BB Usage Statistics modification is intended to provide bulletin board administrators and forum moderators with a capability that heretofore has not been provided by phpBB itself or by community-created mods, namely an overview of how users are using the bulletin board. This mod can answer such questions as:

  • How often does the user post in a particular forum? In a particular category?
  • In which forums and categories has the user posted the most?
  • What percentage of the user's total posts does the user's posts in a particular forum represent?
  • How many new topics has the user initiated?
  • How frequently does the user start a new topic?
  • How many topics in a given forum is the user watching?

In short, the BB Usage Statistics mod serves as a valuable tool for boards needing to track the manner in which board visitors are using the board's forums. By providing moderators and administrators with a single view of a visitor's board usage, their decision-making can be more informed and their management of the board will be more effective.

Feature Summary

The BB Usage Statistics mod displays statistical information on a bulletin board user's Profile page detailing the user's per forum and per category:

  • Posts - The number of posts in the corresponding forum or category.
  • Post Rate - A value that can be scaled by the viewer at the board administrator's discretion. A default scaling factor can be also set by the administrator.
  • Percent of User's Total Posts (%UTP)
  • Percent of User's Total Unpruned Posts (%UTUP) - An optional column that displays more accurate percentages than %UTP for boards that do not reset user post counts following pruning operations.
  • New Topics - The number of new topics initiated by the user.
  • Topic Rate - Functions in the same manner as Post Rate.
  • Watched - The number of topics being watched by the user.

The mod's administrative configuration options include ability to set:

  • The classes of users allowed to view the statistics. The classes of users include Anonymous, Self, Users, Moderators, Admin, and Special Group. The Special Group allows the administrator to define a usergroup and assign it the ability to view users' statistics.
  • View Options which switch on or off various items of information in the statistics table including “Display %UTUP Column in Stats Table”, “Show All Forums Regardless of Post Count”, and viewer scalability of the Post and Topic Rates.
  • The default scaling factors for the Post Rate and Topic Rate columns.


Screenshots showing the mod in action and its configuration options are available here.


The BB Usage Statistics documentation is available in three forms: HTML | PDF | mod


Initially written for's forum, the mod is being made available for the benefit of the broader phpBB community. Thanks go to that site's administrator, Kristofer McCormic (Phade), for proposing the original mod idea, for offering his support and encouragement, and for testing the mod in a live bulletin board environment.
Updated: Thu, 27 Feb 2003
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